Ben / Dec 04,2016
Surf Dirt emailed me a list of topics to cover recently [in regard to back health]. It was seemingly short list, but upon further investigation each topic could cover pages of content. In light of this, I will try to provide some...Read more
Ben / Oct 18,2016
Conditions couldn’t have been better for the last round of the NORCS Series, and I was pumped up and ready to go. On the starting line I was amped up and ready to get good start. Flag raised, and my trusty YZ 450 fired up first...Read more
Ben / Oct 04,2016
I've heard mixed reviews of this particular race. As I hadn't been to this race before, so I was asking fellow racers their take on it. Everyone said it's really fast and be prepare to hold your bike wide open! I've only raced my...Read more
Ben / Aug 25,2016
For me just even getting to be there was a huge accomplishment. I recently turned 30. Looking back since selling my motorcycle back in 06 to start my first business, I have pretty much spent the last decade working towards being...Read more
Ben / Aug 15,2016
After electrical issues with the fuel injection system on my 450 at Hannagan when I was leading, I was ready to come back and try to chip away at the lead Eric Bailey now had on me. I knew it was going to be hot so I got plenty...Read more
Ben / Jul 01,2016
Growing up, GNCC races were one of those events you tend to see on TV and say “that looks awesome; I want to do that one day.” After not being selected this year for the Women’s ISDE team I made a quick decision to head out east...Read more

Latest News

Thu 09,2016
The morning of the race, my mom, dad and I piled into the motovan with all 3 bikes and started the 2 and a half hour drive to Jordan Creek OHV Area for the LOBOS Lone Wolf ISDE. The course was extremely technical, with super tight timing on the transfer sections that made for an extremely...Read more
Tue 09,2016
PNW legend Ricky Russell sat down with SurfDirt correspondent Dr. Dirt to discuss training. In his 3rd year of racing arguably the largest and most physically demanding racing series in the world, Grand National Cross Country ( GNCC ), he has gone from an unknown to a contender. Currently, Ricky is...Read more
Thu 08,2016
The wife, kid and I use this race as a 4 day weekend to enjoy the surrounding areas along with the amazing race venue. We showed up early on Friday to camp. Saturday we went east and took one of Kaylin’s friends and hiked Beacon Rock. Really neat little hike with a trail that traverses 850’ up a...Read more
Wed 08,2016
After spending the night in the motovan , I woke up full of energy and ready to race. Finally at 1: 15pm it was race time! So I’m sitting on the line, positive I will get a good start, then the flag drops and I get to watch everyone take off! After my 3 kick start I went to work and started passing...Read more
Wed 07,2016
After the prior round at Riverdale I washed off all the mud and used the cash from that round to pay for a few hard parts I had been twisting up over the past couple years and got the bike back together. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any riding in but I did fire it up a couple days before the race to...Read more