Ben / Aug 18,2016
The wife, kid and I use this race as a 4 day weekend to enjoy the surrounding areas along with the amazing race venue. We showed up early on Friday to camp. Saturday we went east and took one of Kaylin’s friends and hiked Beacon...Read more
Ben / Aug 15,2016
After electrical issues with the fuel injection system on my 450 at Hannagan when I was leading, I was ready to come back and try to chip away at the lead Eric Bailey now had on me. I knew it was going to be hot so I got plenty...Read more
Ben / Aug 03,2016
After spending the night in the motovan , I woke up full of energy and ready to race. Finally at 1: 15pm it was race time! So I’m sitting on the line, positive I will get a good start, then the flag drops and I get to watch...Read more
Ben / Jul 06,2016
After the prior round at Riverdale I washed off all the mud and used the cash from that round to pay for a few hard parts I had been twisting up over the past couple years and got the bike back together. Unfortunately, I didn’t...Read more
Ben / Jul 01,2016
Growing up, GNCC races were one of those events you tend to see on TV and say “that looks awesome; I want to do that one day.” After not being selected this year for the Women’s ISDE team I made a quick decision to head out east...Read more
Ben / Jun 24,2016
Coming into the race on Sunday I was excited for a race with a good mix of terrain and no dust. It was nice to ride up and have 4 other AA racers on the line. The flag flew my 450 fired on the 1st kick which hasn’t happened in a...Read more
Ben / Jun 22,2016
My original plan was to head to Last Dog Standing, unfortunately work just wouldn't allow it. But with the perfect amount of moisture that we got at Straddleline, my disappointment quickly turned into excitement. To start the day...Read more
Ben / Jun 10,2016
This year I came to Idaho City determined to win. After taking 2 nd overall the past two years I was ready to hold that overall trophy. Knowing we were going to be racing on the rougher side of the mounting this year I worked...Read more

Latest News

Mon 06,2016
I always look forward to racing this venue [ Straddleline ] as it has lots of elevation changes and really tacky dirt… well maybe not the tacky dirt part. 90% of the time it is really slippery! (today was one of the 90% er’s ) Throttle control and not over riding the trails are key to having a...Read more
Thu 06,2016
This year’s Idaho City 100 I felt completely unprepared to say the least. I have ridden less than 10 times this whole year and hadn’t thrown a leg over a dirt bike in over a month. Now days, I have only one sponsor 650 Racing – Steve at 650 Racing serviced my suspension and my dad got my bike all...Read more
Thu 06,2016
Idaho City ISDE 2-day Qualifier is one of those races you spend a lot of time prepping for with getting the bike ready, food, lodging, gas, parts, training, and expecting whatever weather it will throw at you which this year was baking hot. I totally blew it with the training part when I broke my...Read more
Wed 06,2016
I had always heard this race is a blast but never committed to going. After having a great time at the ISDE Slovakia last year, I decided I'd like to try to qualify again. I didn't know what to expect of the Idaho terrain, or how competitive I would be on a 250f at the high elevation. Day 1 started...Read more
Tue 06,2016
I raced my first Idaho City Qualifier in 2005. At the time I had no clue about the ISDE format, nor did I have any idea about the actual ISDE that LOI riders were trying to qualify. I got the notion to go after hearing Scott McFate and Kelly Anson talk it up. The idea of attending a “national”...Read more